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Dishwashing Starter Kit

Dishwashing Starter Kit

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Cleanery Dishwashing Liquid is here! Start eliminating single use dishwashing liquid bottles with our Dishwashing Starter Kit.


1 x Cleanery 500ml Sugar Cane Squeezy Bottle
3 x Cleanery 500ml Dishwashing Liquid Fresh Citrus Refill Sachet

Beautiful bubbles, tough on grease, soft on your skin. Fragranced with fresh citrus essential oils, Cleanery dishwashing liquid will leave your dishes sparkling. 

Each refill sachet makes 500ml of product. Suitable for use in any squeezy dishwashing bottle, or buy a Cleanery bottle here. 


Our low waste dishwashing liquid ticks all the boxes.

  • Super powerful plant and mineral based formulation - one squirt goes a long way!
  • Delivers superior grease cutting performance, with plenty of bubbles.
  • Gentle on your hands and dermatologically tested
  • Better for you and the environment
  • Septic tank safe


How to Use

Snip, tip, shake & spray. Simply snip open your sachet of Cleanery product, tip it into a clean bottle, add the required amount of warm water, give it a quick shake, wait for 30 seconds and you’re good to go. No hassle or waiting around for products to dissolve. For our cleaning range, spray and wipe using a cloth as you would with traditional cleaning sprays. For our personal care range, use as you would your normal products.


Our ingredients are naturally formulated - plant and mineral based - and septic tank friendly. No nasties. That means:

- No Solvents

- No Silicones

- No Parabens

- No Phthalates

- No Dyes

- No Phosphate, Chlorine and Ammonia

- No GMO, our plant-based ingredients are not extracted from genetically modified crops.

See full ingredients list

Shipping & Returns

Overnight urban delivery on the North Island & 2-3 days South Island and rural. For information on returns see here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Poor performance

Comparing Cleanery to my usual Morning Fresh product, this is a poor performer. I have to use multiple squirts of the product to try and remove oil or grease from items. Once dry, the items retain residue. My first forray into eco products is disappointing.

HI Natasha, thanks for giving us a go and sorry that this product hasn't hit the mark for you this time. Hopefully you have better luck with our great cleaner sprays. To avoid residue, please ensure soap is rinsed off your items.

Cherry Mayall-Gall

Great cleaner, not very soapy


Bottle is fab. Not so thrilled with the liquid once made

Sorry this product didn't hit the mark for you - please reach out to us and we can look into this for you.

Dishwash liquid

Great product. It's great not contributing to another plastic buy in terms of a bottle every few weeks. It does an amazing job on the dishes and I don't have the reaction on my skin that I get with supermarket brands. Highly recommend.

Thanks so much Morna. Such a great feeling to be banishing single use plastic bottles isn't it!

Tash Pollard
Such an easy change!

Love, love, love the dishwash! Gets the job done every time, even when I've burnt something into/onto a surface. It's gentle on my skin, no dryness, no itching (unlike the usual dishwash we used to use)... AND I'm saving plastic bottles from going out into the rubbish & recycling. WIN WIN!

Love to hear this feedback! An absolute WIN WIN WIN!

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