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Bathroom Cleaning Spray - Kanuka & Mint Single

Bathroom Cleaning Spray - Kanuka & Mint Single

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Formulated to get rid of stubborn soap scum and pesky water marks, our bathroom spray also leaves your tapware shining.

Each sachet makes 500ml of powerful cleaning product. 

How to Use

Snip, tip, shake & spray. Simply snip open your sachet of Cleanery product, tip it into a clean bottle, add the required amount of warm water, give it a quick shake, wait for 30 seconds and you’re good to go. No hassle or waiting around for products to dissolve. For our cleaning range, spray and wipe using a cloth as you would with traditional cleaning sprays. For our personal care range, use as you would your normal products.


Our ingredients are naturally formulated - plant and mineral based - and septic tank friendly. No nasties. That means:

- No Solvents

- No Silicones

- No Parabens

- No Phthalates

- No Dyes

- No Phosphate, Chlorine and Ammonia

- No GMO, our plant-based ingredients are not extracted from genetically modified crops.

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Shipping & Returns

Overnight urban delivery on the North Island & 2-3 days South Island and rural. For information on returns see here.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great product

Great stuff, easy to clean soap scum and toothpaste off the sinks, smells fresh

Septic safe cleaner that actually works

With a rural tiger worm septic system, we have to be super careful about anything that goes down the drain. Anything slightly toxic will kill the worms & ruin the system. After years of using the usual recommended eco-friendly cleaners for the system, we switched to Cleanery. The difference it cleaning power was huge, everywhere I used this I could see where I’d been - finally a natural cleaning product that actually cleaned 🎉🎉.  So much easier for us, and the worms lived happily ever after 

Hurrah for happy worms! So glad you found us and can enjoy a safe but effective eco clean.

Kate J
Great cleaner

Cleans bathroom really well but with none of the toxic fumes of the common supermarket brands.  It deals as well as other brands with shower - no it doesn't get rid of longstanding mineral residues but deals fine with regular soap scum.  Creates a good shine on porcelain.

Thanks for the positive review Kate - so glad you are loving the Kanuka & Mint fresh clean from our bathroom cleaner. 

My new all time favourite bathroom cleaner

My new all time favourite bathroom cleaner, love the smell, and how easy it is to get the bathroom clean.  Super easy to mix up a fresh bottle full, its the one item I buy the most of from you. Highly recommend, save the planet people, buy Cleanery.

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