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Glass Cleaning Spray - Fresh Clean Three Pack

Glass Cleaning Spray - Fresh Clean Three Pack

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Make your windows and glass gleam with Cleanery's new glass cleaner. Low on fragrance, big on cleaning power. A little goes a long way.

Each sachet makes 500ml of powerful cleaning product. Mix up in any reusable spray bottle. 

For the best result from our glass cleaner please use the following technique:

1/ Clean using damp cloth and sparing use of product (a little goes a long way with the glass cleaner). Rinse your cloth regularly as you go if the window/glass is very dirty.

2/ Once clean, wipe with clean wet cloth

3/ Buff dry with a clean dry cloth

How to Use

Snip, tip, shake & spray. Simply snip open your sachet of Cleanery product, tip it into a clean bottle, add the required amount of warm water, give it a quick shake, wait for 30 seconds and you’re good to go. No hassle or waiting around for products to dissolve. For our cleaning range, spray and wipe using a cloth as you would with traditional cleaning sprays. For our personal care range, use as you would your normal products.


Our ingredients are naturally formulated - plant and mineral based - and septic tank friendly. No nasties. That means:

- No Solvents

- No Silicones

- No Parabens

- No Phthalates

- No Dyes

- No Phosphate, Chlorine and Ammonia

- No GMO, our plant-based ingredients are not extracted from genetically modified crops.

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Shipping & Returns

Overnight urban delivery on the North Island & 2-3 days South Island and rural. For information on returns see here.

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Customer Reviews

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Maybe I’m just frap at glass cleaning lol

Effective cleaner

Happy with the product. Only missing a star because doesn't come with a fairy to do the cleaning for me.

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