Seeing is believing

We know our natural cleaning products are market leading, but don’t just take our word for it. Not everyone knows this but there is a globally accepted test to compare the performance of cleaners. A specific mix of product including carbon black and peanut oil is applied to a ceramic tile, baked at 180ºC for 22 hours, cooled, then put in a specially designed frame. Cleaning product is then applied to the tile in a controlled setting and its effectiveness is measured. Here’s how we shape up.

  • None

    Oil and carbon baked to a tile

  • Dissolvable Tablet

    Market leading dissolvable tablet

  • Eco-Cleaner

    Market leading eco-cleaner

  • Traditional Cleaner

    Market leading traditional cleaner

  • Cleanery

    Cleanery Multi-Purpose

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*International testing methodology – "IKW Recommendation for the Quality Assessment of the Product Performance of All-Purpose Cleaners 2014."

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Our Promise

We get it. Cleaning rarely tops the list of favourite things to do, but if we must do it, let’s do it well. That’s where Cleanery comes in. Our naturally formulated products deliver maximum performance with minimum harm to the environment.

We can’t promise you’ll fall in love with cleaning, but we can promise you’ll be quietly pleased with not only a result that sparkles but with the knowledge you’ve done your bit for a greener world.

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