How to stay on top of it with Cleanery: Bathroom edition

How to stay on top of it with Cleanery: Bathroom edition

Cleaning the bathroom and similar wet areas in the home is often the biggest cleaning job and most likely left to last.  We get it - sometimes the spaces are big and perhaps cumbersome to navigate with cleaning products - especially if those cleaning products are not effective in those stubborn/hard-to-reach areas that end up requiring more elbow grease than cleaning products.

Cleanery is all about making things easier - in a #SuperCleanSuperGreen way.

So here are our top tips for cleaning your washroom spaces with ease and most importantly - how to stay on top of it.


1. Keep a window wiper and Cleanery Bathroom Spray cleaner in the shower

This is a tried and tested method.  Effectively using the time spent in a shower to clean your body as well as the shower itself.  Before cleaning yourself - use our bathroom cleaner (already diluted into a spray bottle) and use the trigger to dispense with a few sprays onto the area to be cleaned: tiles, glass paneling, and the like.  Spray towards the top of the paneling or tiles so that gravity can take over - letting our product slowly work down the space to be attended to later.  Then wash your body as required and then once done, grab that wiper and remove the build-up of soaps on the paneling/tiles from top to bottom

A simple fix that can be easily adopted as part of a washing routine to help stay on top of a high usage space prone to the quick build-up of soap and scum.


2. Next to your soap dispenser on the basin, keep Cleanery Bathroom Spray

Yip - another simple fix and easy to implement.  Having the Cleanery Bathroom Spray at the ready alongside the soap dispenser on the basin in the washroom will increase the likelihood of it being used - versus placing it in a cupboard below or a separate room altogether.  A quick spray onto the faucet and into the basin and surrounds followed by a quick wipe down will do wonders to the high usage area - not to mention fill the space with notes of Kanuka & Mint.  Especially if you have kids who, despite coaching on how best to dispense toothpaste - will invariably get it all over the basin and surrounds. 


3. Instead of using an air freshener in the loo, why not wipe down the throne with Cleanery Bathroom Spray?

Not sure that we need to go into too much detail here - but the freshening up of the loo with a quick seat clean using Cleanery Bathroom Spray is a no-brainer when it will also act as an air freshener at the same time.  Just a few sprays onto some loo paper, a quick wipe down of the seat and flush mechanism, and order and confidence are restored - reinforced by the scent of Kanuka and Mint.  Two birds - one branch.

These are just a few ways to stay on top of your bathroom cleaning regime with Cleanery Bathroom Spray.

Share with us your tried and tested ways to stay on top of your bathroom/washroom areas!

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