Simple & easy to use

Our cleaning products are easy and quick to use. It really is as simple as fill, tip, shake & spray.
Follow our how-to video to get started on your Cleanery journey.

  • Tip

    Tip your Cleanery sachet into your reusable bottle of choice

  • Fill

    Fill your bottle with the required amount of warm water.

  • Spray

    Shake, and your ultra-effective product is ready to go. Too easy.

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Our Products

Our world class scientists have re-invented the science and thinking behind cleaning and personal care products to develop a naturally better solution. That means no nasty chemicals, just powerful plant and mineral based formulations that really work. No need to compromise between green and clean.

Our Promise

We get it. Cleaning rarely tops the list of favourite things to do, but if we must do it, let’s do it well. That’s where Cleanery comes in. Our naturally formulated products deliver maximum performance with minimum harm to the environment.

We can’t promise you’ll fall in love with cleaning, but we can promise you’ll be quietly pleased with not only a result that sparkles but with the knowledge you’ve done your bit for a greener world.

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