Foaming Dish Spray - what is it?

Foaming Dish Spray - what is it?

Foaming Dish Spray is here.... but what is it?

This is an amazing product that is super popular in the USA, and we know it's going to be huge in Australia and New Zealand too - we're calling it as the new wonder product! 

Here’s a quick overview of this amazing new product, and why we decided to add it to the Cleanery line up.

First up… what is a foaming dish spray?

It’s a powerful dishwashing liquid in foam form, that has been designed to be used hand in hand with your traditional dishwashing liquid.

  • Eliminates the need to run a full sink of water for just a few dishes. 
  • Perfect for a quick wash of one or two items, or for stubborn pots and pans that need a powerful clean and soak.
  • Simply spray on and wash as normal, or leave to sit for a short while for a tougher clean. 


  • Super powerful plant and mineral based formulation 
  • Delivers superior grease cutting performance
  • Gentle on your hands and dermatologically tested
  • Better for you and the environment
  • Septic tank safe

A big tick for the sustainable conscience in all of us, foaming dish spray is designed to reduce waste and water usage. 

Use the dishwashing liquid for your usual sink full of dishes. Use the foaming dish spray for smaller cleans, or the tough pots and pans that need a bit extra. Just call our dishwashing liquid and our foaming dish spray the dream team!

You’ll soon find what a handy product this is for everything from rinsing kids drink bottles, to tackling an oily pan, or simply for quickly washing up a single plate. 

Better dishes everyone!

Click here to view on the website and buy.

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