Our Story

This is personal. Our story starts back in 1993 with a school essay about the packaging problem.

Where it all began

Our founder Mark wrote that essay 28 years ago and sadly all these years later the status quo has hardly changed. In another 28 years, in 2050, there’ll be more plastic than fish in the sea. Cleaning and personal care products are a huge part of the packaging problem – every year billions of single use bottles are manufactured, filled mostly with water, shipped around the world and then thrown away. We knew there had to be a better way.

Our mission

We set out to create a no-compromise low-waste alternative that was eco-friendly but actually worked. Simple, right? Actually not so simple. This challenge required some seriously complex science and engineering and we pulled together a world-class team to help us completely re-imagine the way these products are made and used.

We’re proud to say we did it, and then some.

Cleanery is the result. We’ve patented new formulations that allow naturally occurring plant and mineral materials to mix easily in water. In all modesty, if there was a Nobel Prize for cleaning products, we’d win it. Seriously, our products live up to our claim, ‘Super Clean, Super Green’. Not all low waste cleaning products are made equal.

Treading lightly

We're committed to minimising our impact across the entire business. Manufacturing in New Zealand reduces shipping emissions, and the energy bill of our low waste, low emissions factory is smaller than that of a family home. The ingredients for Cleanery products are ethically and responsibly sourced, with no nasties.
We use sustainable postage and packaging options, and our sachets are more than 99% less waste than traditional products. We are committed to walking the walk, not just talking the talk. No greenwashing here.

Impact at scale

It's our goal to have impact at scale. We want to be the brand that converts mainstream users to sustainable, low waste cleaning and personal care products. It's an ambitious goal, but we truly believe that it's time for the world to change.

We want to make it easy for people to make simple and easy changes. After all, small changes all add to big change. Thanks for joining us on our journey.

Mission Statement

Eliminate unnecessary packaging, emissions, and waste in the cleaning and personal care aisles.
By Leading the emerging low waste cleaning
and personal care category.
And  Converting mainstream
consumers to low waste sustainable products.   

We deliver affordable products, ensuring wide accessibility to sustainable products, and all our products are developed with the end goal of reducing human impact on the planet. 

Our products

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